Now Hiring

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue is now hiring entry-level Firefighter/Paramedics. Hiring will be open until May 13 at 5p. Anyone interested can seek further information by going to the National Testing Network website at

Retirement of Fire Marshal Leslie Adent

On Wednesday March 31, 2021 Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District honored Fire Marshal Leslie Adent’s 31 years of service to the District.  Leslie was one of the last firefighters from the Oneco-Tallevast Fire Department that eventually merged with Tallevast FD to...

Promotion of Deputy Fire Marshal Frank Meola

On Thursday March 13, 2021 Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District promoted Frank Meola to the position of Deputy Fire Marshal.  Frank has served over 16 years with SMFR as an experienced firefighter and inspector.  Congratulations to Deputy Fire Marshal Meola.

Sozo’s Ministries

On Thursday, January 21, 2021, Lieutenant Derek Foss, DVP for Local 2546 and Chief Officers from the Department presented a check for $3000.00 to Dwayne “Bishop” Freeze of Sozo’s Ministries. This organization’s main focus is to get kids off the streets and into...

School Fire Drill

Each year, our Public Schools are required by the State to conduct monthly fire drills. But last year was like no other. In order to keep our children safe and to continue to social distance, the State modified fire drill requirements. After the school met the...