On Thursday, July 20, 2017, the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District presented numerous awards to its personnel during at the beginning of their Commission meeting.

The following personnel received the following awards:

Career Service Awards: 15 years – Firefighter/EMT Seth Burnett; 10 years – Firefighter/EMT Pete Saxman; 10 years – Lieutenant/EMT Brian Hodges

Innovation Award: Firefighter/EMT Dwayne McKeaver for his dedication and research in reducing our exposure to cancer causing products during a fire incident which resulted in the purchase of the new Halo Protective Hoods. This safety initiative was submitted to the Preferred Matching Training Incentive Program and was approved for reimbursement.

Phoenix AwardsIncident #54072 awards went to Firefighter/EMT Chris Snider; Firefighter/EMT Randy Smith; Firefighter/EMT Brent Ranney; Firefighter/EMT Duane Ely; Firefighter/EMT Dan Reisdorf; Lieutenant/EMT Tony Hauck

Incident #24889 awards went to Firefighter/EMT Sean Lucas; Firefighter/EMT Brian Godden; Lieutenant/EMT Sean Conner

Military Awards: Military citation bars went to our two new hires, both served in the armed forces. Certificates and Military citation bars went to Firefighter/EMT Cliff Smith and Firefighter/EMT Mark Bauer.

Certificate of Appreciation: Firefighter/EMT Brent Ranney was given a certificate of appreciation for all of his hard work and dedication in assisting Captain Thayer with our Community CPR program and his outstanding work in providing the Fire Chief with the downloads from our AED’s when they are used on a cardiac arrest patient.

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