On January 17, 2019, the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District Fire Commissioners recognized various local businesses that were major contributors to our 2nd Annual 5K Walk/Run event.

Firefighter/EMT/Fitness Coordinator Christi Hollins provided the Fire Commissioners with information about each business and what they did in making our 2nd Annual 5K event a huge success once again.

Appreciation plaques were given to New Balance, BJ’s Wholesale, Learning Express and Orange Theory Fitness.

New Balance has been a huge supporter of our program and event for the past 2 years and they hosted our packet up/sign in for our events, they provided tables, food/drinks, they provided bags for the race packets and donated raffle prizes.

BJ’s donated all the food, water and their property for starting and ending of our 5 K and parking for our 2 day event.

Learning Express donated wrapped toys for every child who participated in the race. Santa was at the finish line waiting for the children.

Orange theory Fitness donated reusable water bottles, free 1 week membership for all participants and raffle prizes.

All members of the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District truly appreciates the support from these local businesses, “Thank you”.

The District’s Fitness Coordinators (FF/EMT Christi Hollins, FF/EMT Kiel Duquette, and FF/EMT Dan Reisdorf) worked with our Cigna Representative, Jamala Patterson, Senior Health Engagement Partner, in creating our Wellness Program for all employees of the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District and their families. This past year they brought in specialists to talk to all personnel about eating healthy food, cooking healthy food, healthy meal plans, proper exercise, stress reduction and other information about Wellness and Fitness.

Our 2nd Annual 5K Walk/Run event was once again a HUGE success and at the end of each day Santa arrived to give presents to the kids.
Cigna provides the District with funding each year to keep our Wellness Program running. Big “THANKS” to Cigna and our Fitness Coordinators for another successful year and we look forward to our next event.

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