On April 19th, 2018 Suzann Moore was recognized for her retirement after 10 years of service to the District. Suzann was assigned to Fire Prevention as their secretary, however Suzann did a lot for many people across all Divisions.

Additionally the District recognized Firefighter/EMT Kiel Duquette, Firefighter/EMT Tim Keusch and Firefighter/EMT Richard McGinley for their actions in retrieving a citizen that went off bridge off of Honore Avenue in her pick-up truck. This incident happened on January 25, 2018 around 1830 hours. This patient drove off the bridge and landed upright in the channel of Braden River. When our personnel arrived on scene they found the patient still in the vehicle and the water level was up to the doors. FF/EMT Kiel Duquette immediately entered the water with his safety gear and made his way to the truck and found the patient conscious sitting behind the wheel. He immediately removed the patient and as he did, the pick-up truck now went under with only a small portion of the roof showing. FF/EMT Kiel Duquette then immediately brought the patient to the shore where other personnel were located. The patient was evaluated by EMS. Great job by all personnel involved. If this incident would have happened later into the evening the outcome of the patient could have been totally different.

Lieutenant Adam Chevalier, Firefighter/EMT Chris Zitnick and Firefighter/EMT Jarek Dehart were awarded the “Phoenix Award” for saving the life of a cardiac arrest patient that occurred on March 21, 2018. This patient has now been released from the hospital and is at home and is expected to fully recover from this cardiac arrest event.

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