On March 21st at 1618 hours, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District was dispatched to a report of a person down, possible cardiac arrest. When our first Engine arrived on scene they found a male patient lying on the ground in the rear of a large warehouse with a citizen performing CPR. This citizen was Mark Smith, a co-worker of the patient that was in cardiac arrest. According to Mr. Smith, while working, his co-worker became ill and collapsed. Mr. Smith immediately called 9-1-1 and immediately began CPR.

When our personnel arrived on scene they immediately hooked up the defibrillator and advanced the airway of the patient and continued CPR. The patient had a shockable rhythm and was immediately defibrillated. Shortly after the first defibrillation, the patient regained pulses and began breathing on his own. This patient was transported to the hospital with continuous advanced life support care and the patient arrived with pulses, blood pressure and respirations. This patient is now home living a normal life and will soon return back to work thanks to Mark Smith, co-worker, that immediately knew what to do by calling 9-1-1 and beginning CPR. If Mark Smith did not take action like he did the outcome of this patient may have been totally different. Mark Smith saved a life and he is a truly a hero for doing this. Mark was recognized at our April 19 Commission meeting for his actions in saving the life of a fellow co-worker and was awarded a Citizen Life-Saving Certificate.

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