On March 5th, at 1030 hours Pam Hancock presents a check in the amount of $1481.70. Back on February 6th, Captain Bobby Thayer submitted a grant application to Preferred, our Work Comp carrier, for a Safety Project to ensure the safety of our Firefighters during a search and rescue mission.

This safety project was to outfit each of our apparatus with search rope kits. The main focus of this project is to maintain exit point between the outside safe zone and interior firefighters. During the rescue of entrapped citizens our firefighters will be operating inside a hazardous atmosphere with zero visibility. Across our nation firefighters have been seriously injured and even killed while performing search and rescue operations because they can easily become disoriented and unable to locate their exit point from the building.

The search rope kits will allow the rope to be attach to an anchor point outside of the building and the other end to the firefighters that are entering the building, ensuring a safe exit out of the building. Each apparatus will carry one of these search rope kits. If the building collapses and firefighters become trapped, this rope kit will allow for rapid location and extrication of the trapped firefighters.



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