On February 16, 2017 shortly after 1700 hours, the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District conducted a promotional ceremony. Prior to the start of the Fire Commission meeting, Fire Chief Brian Gorski announced the promotions of Lieutenant Mike Bloski to the rank of Captain, Lieutenant Bobby Thayer to the rank of Captain, 1st Class Firefighter/EMT Brian Hodges to Lieutenant and 1st Class Firefighter/EMT Ed Tumolo to the rank of Lieutenant.

Captain Bobby Thayer replaced retired Captain Mark Crawford and assumed the duties and responsibilities of the District’s Training & Safety Officer. Captain Mike Bloski filled a new 40 hour staff position in charge of Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Materials Training.

Lieutenant Brian Hodges and Lieutenant Ed Tumolo filled the vacancies that were created by the Captain promotions, both being assigned to B-Shift. The District will now begin the hiring process to fill the two open Firefighter positions that were created due to these promotions.

Congratulations to all newly promoted officers. Family, friends and firefighters were present at this badge pinning ceremony. Chief Gorski expressed his sincere appreciation on a job well done by all that were involved in these promotional assessments.

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