On February 15, 2018 at the SMFR Commissioner meeting, Lisa Kalmbach, employee of the Emergency Communication Center of Manatee County, was recognized and honored with an appreciation plaque for her many years of service in providing CISD services to all Fire, EMS and Law enforcement personnel in Manatee County.

In 1993 Manatee County had a group of personnel from Southern Manatee & East Manatee that got involved with Sarasota County existing CISD team and began becoming trained so that they could provide this much needed service to all Public Safety personnel in Manatee County.

Since 1993 Lisa gave countless hours of her time in providing this valuable service to our employees at the time of their need with no compensation, it was all volunteer time. Lisa was the driving force that made the CISD Team what is today.

This team would have never gotten as far as it did without the leadership and dedication of Lisa Kalmbach. Lisa served not only as the Team Coordinator but also a one of the actual peer support defusing counselors.

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