On Monday, December 12, 2016 at 2302 hours, the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District Hazardous Materials Team responded to assist East Manatee Fire Rescue District with an overturned gasoline tanker on I-75 southbound, just north of University Parkway. This gasoline tanker was carrying a full load of 8700 gallons of gasoline and this incident involved multiple vehicles with patients.

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue responded Haz-mat 1 with the Tech. Trailer, Truck 343, Foam Trailer and Engine 351 with a total of 9 Haz-mat Technicians. When our units arrived on scene they found an overturned gasoline tanker on its side with an active leak of about 15 gallons per minute with no fire.

Immediately our personnel began utilizing foam to prevent a fire from occurring while they tried to control the leak. About 765 gallons of foam was used throughout this incident. Our Haz-mat Technicians stayed on scene until the remaining fuel was off loaded and the tanker was up-righted. They were released by Command the next day, Tuesday, December 13 at 0808 hours.

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