On October 1, 2019 at 0900 hours, at the Manatee County Public Safety Building, employees from Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District along with employees of Manatee County EMS including the dispatcher from the Emergency Communication Center received the Phoenix Award for the saving the life of a cardiac arrest victim.
On August 12, 2019 at 1118 hours, Engine 341 with FF/Paramedic Mike White, FF/EMT Randy Smith and FF/EMT Brian Craycraft along with Manatee County EMS responded to 4225 Augusta Terr., unconscious person at the 15th hole of the Peridia Golf Course. Dispatch provided CPR instructions over the phone during our response including the deployment of the Peridia Golf Course AED.
In less than 3 minutes, our Engine 341 arrived on scene and confirmed the patient was in cardiac arrest and immediately took over CPR and immediately began following their BLS protocols. Within a few minutes Manatee County EMS arrived on scene and began Advanced Life Support. Within a short period of time pulses were restored on the patient.
During the transport to Manatee Memorial Hospital the patient began breathing on his own and pulses and blood pressure were growing stronger. At the Emergency Department the patient regained consciousness and was sitting up and was later transferred to the Cardiac Cath Lab and a few days later discharged from the hospital with no neurological deficient.
This patient was present at the Phoenix Award Recognition to personally thank everyone that was involved in saving his life.


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