On July 19, 2018 the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Fire District at their Commission meeting held their awards ceremony. The District awarded the following personnel with the Phoenix Award for resuscitating five (5) cardiac arrest patients during the month of May 2018; Lieutenant Dan Anderson, Firefighter/EMT Keusch, Firefighter/EMT Baserva; Lieutenant Tony Hauck, Firefighter/EMT Mike Murphy, Firefighter/EMT Velazquez, Firefighter/EMT Dunois; Lieutenant Foss, Firefighter/Paramedic Young, Firefighter/EMT Sedgley, Firefighter/EMT Kenniff, Firefighter/EMT Burghdurf. In addition to the Phoenix Awards, the District recognized Firefighter/EMT Mark Bauer and Firefighter/EMT Cliff Smith for completing one (1) year of service and recognized Lieutenant Derek Foss with a Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding work and dedication to our Community CPR Program and his recent renewal of all of our employee’s CPR cards.

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