On April 9th at 1800 hours Engine 321 with Lt. Derek Foss, FF/EMT Shawn McMullen, FF/EMT and FF/EMT Richard Asher responded to a report of a vehicle accident.

Engine 321 arrived on scene first and found 2 vehicles involved with 3 patients. One of the patients was lying outside the vehicle with by-stander CPR being performed. Engine 321 immediately requested additional Medic units.

Engine 321 personnel immediately took over BLS care and continued this care until Medic 11 arrived on scene. Engine 321 and Medic 11 within minutes completed an advanced airway and intravenous access and began administering medications. During the transport of this patient they did restore pulses, pressure and respirations.

Three (3) days later, this patient was discharged from Manatee Memorial with no neurological issues. On June 4, 2019 at 0900 hours at the Public Safety Building, this patient was present to meet those that provided care in resuscitating him and to provide a big “Thank you” for saving his life. After receiving the patient’s “Thank you”, Lieutenant Derek Foss, FF/EMT Shawn McMullen and FF/EMT Richard Asher received “Phoenix Recognition Award”.

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