On March 9, 2020 at 0900 hours, at the monthly Public Safety Awards ceremony Southern Manatee Fire Rescue received three (3) awards. The first was a Phoenix Award for successfully resuscitating a patient was in cardiac arrest. This patient was in full cardiac arrest and Engine 341 arrived on scene with FF/EMT Rich McGinley, FF/EMT Dan Reisdorf and FF/EMT Brian Craycraft. They immediately began Basic Life Support and shortly after Medic 13 arrived and began Advanced Life Support. This Team within a short period of time achieved a return of a pulse and blood pressure and this patient was transported to the hospital and a week later was discharged from the hospital. These individuals received the Phoenix Award.
The second Phoenix Award was given to Lt./EMT Mike Questionati, FF/EMT Tim Keusch, FF/EMT Stuart Ramer and FF/EMT Brandon Baserva. This patient was present to personally thank everyone in saving his life. This patient was in cardiac arrest and when our personnel arrived on scene they immediately began Basic Life Support and did utilize their Life Pack 15 and defibrillate the patient two times and when EMS arrived on scene we had already obtained a return of a rhythm and pulse. EMS immediately began Advanced Life Support and transported this patient to the hospital. A week later this patient was discharged. Both the patient and his wife were present to thank everyone.
The third award was the Medical Director’s Award, which was given to our ALS Engine crew Engine 351, with FF/Paramedic Crystal Tucciarone, FF/Paramedic David Wernet, FF/EMT Seth Burnett and Battalion Chief Adam Perry. Engine 351 was dispatched to a shooting, gunshot to the chest. Our personnel arrived on scene within 3 minutes, in less than 1 minute, FF/Paramedic Tucciarone immediately called a “Trauma Alert” and then immediately performed ALS procedures (Chest decompression, IV access and advanced airway procedures”, meanwhile Chief Perry had to quickly identify and establish an LZ for the responding helicopter. EMS arrived on scene and they transported to the LZ and the patient was then flown to Sarasota Memorial Trauma Center. A week later this patient was transferred from ICU to another area of the hospital for continued care and rehab and is expected to be discharged with no issues. Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District is very proud over receiving the Medical Director’s Award since we have only been operating at the ALS level since January 13, 2020. But our personnel rapidly and correctly treated this gunshot patient and the feedback from the Trauma Center was that our personnel didan outstanding job in identifying the immediate life-threat and immediately correcting it. Congratulations to FF/Paramedic Crystal Tucciarone, FF/Paramedic David Wernet, FF/EMT Seth Burnett and Chief Perry on receiving this prestigious Award.


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