On April 12th at 2021 hours Engine 341 with Lt. Danny Burton, FF/EMT Chris Burghdurf, FF/EMT Tony Lear and Medic 13 with Paramedic Crystal Tucciarone and EMT Scully responded to a report of a child birth/baby born.

Engine 341 arrived on scene first and had initial contact with the mom and her baby boy. The baby had been delivered moments prior to our arrival with instructions being given to the father by the 9-1-1 dispatchers.

Personnel began providing basic care to the mother and the new born baby and when Medic 13 arrived our personnel assisted Paramedic Tucciarone with clamping/cutting the cord and setting up ALS equipment. Both the mother and the baby were doing great. This was the patient’s 5th delivery. Both the mother and baby were transported to the hospital.

On May 7th, 2019 at 0900 hours at the Public Safety Building Lt. Danny Burton, FF/EMT Chris Burghdurf, and Paramedic Crystal Tucciarone received the Genesis Award by Chief Jason Evans. FF/EMT Tony Lear and EMT Scully were not in attendance but did receive a Genesis Award as well. Congratulations to everyone involved in this delivery of a healthy baby boy.

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