On 4/18, 19 & 20 Southern Manatee Fire Rescue presented certificates of appreciation to EVO gymnastics and several of the gymnast in recognition of their demonstration of acrobatics they practice on a routine basis. This demonstration gives valuable insight to first responders who may be called upon to render care in the event of an injury. One of the first parts of any medical assessment in the field is the index of suspicion (IOS),which is defined as “the concern for potentially serious underlying injuries”. From this, first responders can develop the “mechanism of injury” (MOI) which helps to determine the method by which damage to skin, muscles, organs and bones may have happened. This demonstration, organized by SMFR’s Training Captain Bobby Thayer, is just one example of how Sothern Manatee Fire Rescue personnel prepare for incidents so that when the time comes, we can provide a higher level of care that gives the patient the best chance for a positive outcome

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