On March 17th, Chad D’Agostino, Todd Pierce, Chris Snider, Jordan Velazquez, Brittan Williams, Brent Ranney, Brian Hodges, Dan Reisdorf, Dave Sedgley, Sully Sedgley and Adam Perry participated in the Savage Race.  This was held in Dade City.  It was approximately 7 miles of running with 30 obstacles scattered throughout.  The obstacles include a pool of ice that had to be swam through, “Colossus” a 1/4 pipe that goes up to stairs where there is a 43′ slide and “Sawtooth” a 35′ up and down monkey bars over water.   Many obstacles were sure to test their physical and mental capabilities.  The guys came together as a team and helped each other through the event.  Nobody was left behind.  All that participated finished with a respectful time.  Great job by all!


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