On Thursday, July 21st, 2016 at the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District monthly Fire Commissioner Meeting, the Fire Commissioners recognized FF/EMT Seth Burnett, FF/EMT Steve Gibson, FF/EMT Brian Hodges, Paramedic Keith Lock and Paramedic Kevin Mackin with the Phoenix Award for successfully resuscitating a patient that suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while playing golf on May 1, 2016. Engine 351 and Medic 7 were dispatched to this incident and within a few minutes Engine 351 arrived on scene and immediately began BLS-CPR and connected the patient to their Automatic External Defibrillator. The patient was defibrillated twice by Engine 351’s AED. Medic 7 arrived on scene and immediately began Advanced Life Support by providing medications, advanced airway and multiple defibrillations and within minutes had restored the patients pulse and blood pressure. Personnel from Engine 351 rode into the hospital with Medic 7 as they transported this patient to Lakewood Ranch Hospital. After spending a few weeks in the hospital this patient walked out of Lakewood Ranch Hospital with no impairments. Personnel received the Phoenix Award and a special “Thank you” from the patient. The patient was in California and could not be at this meeting, however he wanted to “Thank” everyone for saving his life and called in on the phone and we placed him on the speaker phone so he could thank everyone for saving his life.

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