At 0841 hours on October 4, 2019 Engine 351 was dispatched to a report of person that fell from a roof. Upon arrival Engine 351 found their patient still on the roof. This patient apparently fell from one level of the roof to another. Engine 351 requested assistance from Engine 331 and Battalion 3.
Personnel contacted the patient on the roof, and they witness seizure activity and this patient did have multiple lacerations and was bleeding from the nose, mouth and forehead area. Our personnel reported a large amount of blood on the roof around where the patient was lying.
SMFR personnel immediately took Cervical Spine control and began applying direct pressure to the various lacerations and the same time securing the patient to prevent a further fall. When Engine 331, Medic 7 and Battalion 3 arrived they immediately placed additional ladders up to bring this patient down safely.
Medic 7 and SMFR personnel performed a rapid trauma assessment and determine this patient to be a Trauma Alert and called a Trauma Alert to Sarasota Memorial Hospital Trauma Center. Additional SMFR personnel brought up a long spine board and cervical collar and immediately secured the patient to the long spine board. Patient was placed on high flow oxygen and advanced life support procedures were immediately started.
This patient was then safely secured and lowered down by a ladder and placed into Medic 7. Both SMFR and MCEMS personnel then transported this patient to the Trauma Center at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

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