On Thursday December 5th, 2019, from 0700 hours to 1430 hours Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District and Sarasota Memorial Hospital conducted a “Hands-only CPR classes” to high school students at Booker High School.

This event ran from 0700 to 1430 hours and each class was about 1 hour long. High school students were taught how to recognize an emergency, call 9-1-1 and then immediately begin fast high quality chest compressions and performing these compressions until Fire-Rescue arrives on scene or other bystanders show up and can assist in “Hands-only CPR”.

Since the school district has AED’s, we also taught the students how to use an AED and the importance of using an AED during a cardiac arrest event. This class was taught by Kristie Menke, RNCardiovascular Nurse Specialist, Fire Chief Brian Gorski, Deputy Chief Robert Bounds, Fire Inspector Larry Betts and Firefighter/Paramedic Ian Segneri.

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