I want to thank everyone who helped us attack the GMA polls yesterday because that is what it was, and all out blitzkrieg of their polls!  We had an amazing 33,000+ votes yesterday!  To put that into perspective, the other FD videos that went head to head on Wednesday and Thursday, their vote totals combined didn’t equal what the friend’s, families and fans of Southern Manatee Fire rescue were able to muster up!  What an amazing show of loyalty from all of you!  You guys pressed hard all the way to the end.  Yes, we fell a few votes short in the end but the loss pales in comparison to the extraordinary outpouring of support that we witnessed for the men and women of our fire department.  This past week has been a ride that we will not soon forget!  We are truly blessed and honored to serve such a wonderful community.  We have had so much support from our local media such as ABC Action News 11 Tampa, ABC 7 Sarasota, Bay News 9, and the Bradenton Herald that I felt we needed to give them a special shout out.  You guys truly made us feel special.  Thanks again and please share this post with all of the wonderful folks that took time out of their day yesterday to help put Southern Manatee Fire Rescue, and Manatee County, on America’s map!

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