On May 31st, 2016 around noon, Station 4-B Shift, Truck 343 and Medic 7 were dispatched to a report of an unknown type of medical emergency, person collapsed. Apparently the patient was behind his house mowing his lawn and tripped over some garden stones. When this happened a neighbor saw the patient collapsed and did not get up right away so they called 9-1-1. When our personnel arrived on scene the patient was sitting on a bench behind his house. The patient was surprised to see us since he had no knowledge of his neighbor calling 9-1-1. The patient explained that he was mowing his lawn and tripped over a garden stone and that he laid there for a while before he got up due to a bad knee. Because of this knee problem the patient explained it takes him awhile to get up. Personnel from both Departments did a quick assessment of the patient and then moved him inside the house where it was cooler. Once inside the house our personnel assisted Medic 7 personnel with vital signs and in making this patient comfortable. While this was taking place, Firefighter/EMT Dan Reisdorf went outside and finished mowing the patient’s lawn. Since there was no injury or illness, Truck 343 and Medic 7 cleared the scene. Hours later Chief Gorski received a phone call from the daughter of the patient and a neighbor expressing sincere appreciation in taking such great care of her father and how they were amazed that while they took such great care of her father, they even finished mowing his lawn. The daughter of the patient stated that everyone on the block was extremely impressed with the outstanding customer service that was provided. On July 21, 2016, the Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Commissioners presented certificates of appreciation to Lieutenant Chad D’Agostino, FF/EMT Brandon Ellis, FF/EMT Dan Residorf, and Paramedic Kevin Mackin for providing “Exceptional Customer Service Above and Beyond” the basic duties that brought special recognition to the District.

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