On 04/20/2022 SMFR “A” shift was dispatched to a working structure fire in the Briarwood subdivision.  All occupants were out of the structure, but the family pet was not located during the evacuation.  Crews made entry and while one crew was battling the fire the other crew searched for the missing pet.  The small dog was located under the bed in the master bedroom by FF/PM Young.  She was removed by the search crew, not breathing, she was handed over to FF/PM Penarenas and FF/PM Woods.  This was the first shift for both new firefighters, who are not allowed to make entry during their initial four shifts, so luckily, they were available to assist in the care of the injured pet.  Along with EMS FF/PM Penarenas and FF/PM Woods administered high flow oxygen through a specially designed mask for dogs, along with manual stimulation to the dog’s chest.  After approximately ten minutes the dog began to show signs of life and after several more minutes began to slightly open her eyes and breath on her own.  Care continued for another 15 minutes and when it appeared she would recover she was handed back to the owner, scared, but fully conscious and alert.  We found out her name is Bell and she is a 1 year old Chihuahua.  Both Mom and Bell are recovering and happy to be united.

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