On November 6th at 0900 hours at the Manatee County Public Safety Building during the Manatee County monthly awards ceremony they provided Phoenix Award Recognitions to both Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Personnel as well as Manatee County Paramedics for saving the life of a cardiac arrest victim. However in addition to being recognized for saving the life of this patient, they actually were “Thanked” personally by the patient and his family.

Back on September 29, 2018 at 1115 hours, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue and Manatee County EMS responded to 8050 Cooper Creek Blvd., BJ’s Store, for a report of a cardiac arrest patient. Our Engine 311 arrived on scene under 3 minutes and found the patient unconscious with CPR being performed by off-duty nurses and this patient was hooked up to the stores AED. Our personnel resumed CPR and utilize the AED and shocked the patient two times and shortly after the second shock the patient regained pulses.

Manatee County EMS Paramedic’s arrived on scene and immediately began Advanced Life Support. The patient was then loaded into the ambulance to begin transport to Lakewood Ranch Emergency Room. At that point in time the patient began breathing on his own and had a strong pulse and blood pressure. During the transport to the Emergency Room this patient regained consciousness.

This patient was taken to the Cath Lab and a few days later was released to go home with no neurological deficits.

The off-duty nurses, BJ’s store employee, SMFR and Manatee County Paramedics were given Phoenix Recognition over saving the life of this patient and the patient himself and his family were able to thank everyone to saving his life.

This was a text book case of the links of survival, rapid recognition of the emergency, calling 9-1-1, immediately performing CPR and deployment of the AED, and rapid response of BLS and ALS, if all of these links are connected the resuscitation outcome of a patient is greatly increased. That is why it is so important for citizens to learn CPR and how to use an AED.

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