September 12, 2017

Important Information

Trash and Recycle Updates: No collection for recycling or yard waste. Trash will be picked up on normal days. Monday trash day will be picked up Wednesday.

Water Update: Please limit the usage in areas without power as the sewer may backup. The lift stations are down in those areas and will not work properly until power is restored.

Power Update: Crews are working to restore power throughout Manatee County. The Emergency Website for reporting an outage is currently unavailable and FPL has asked citizens without power to call it in. 1-800-468-8243

Manatee County Public Schools: Schools are closed until Monday September 18th.

Manatee County Government Offices: Will reopen September 13th.

Infrastructure Damage & Flooding: Call Public Works at 941-708-7497

Other Issues: Citizens Information Center at 941-749-3547

Fuel Location: go to //

For additional information: //

After the Storm Tips

Drive only when necessary. Treat non-working traffic signals as a four way STOP. All traffic lanes should STOP and proceed with caution.

If you see downed power lines or trees marked with orange paint, the proper authorities are aware. Do not call 9-1-1 unless you believe they possess an imminent threat.

Continue to listen to updates from local news and emergency broadcasts. Remain Aware!

Keep away from down or dangling power lines.

Continue to use flashlights after dark.

Use portable, gas powered electric generators outside on a dry and level surface. Never use a generator indoors where odorless carbon monoxide gas may accumulate and kill you.

Make sure large appliances are “OFF” prior to the return of house power.

Be alert for wild or stray animals that become disoriented just like humans after a natural disaster. Watch out for an increased presence of rats and rodents which feed off spoiled food and animal carcasses. Call Animal Control assistance.

Beware of spoiled food. When in doubt, throw it out.

Beware of stress and strain. Limit your cleanup to manageable tasks. Avoid over exertion and take frequent breaks. Seek support from friends and family if you feel overwhelmed.


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