September 9, 2017

As of yesterday Mandatory Evacuations were in effect for Level A including all mobile home evacuations. Voluntary Evacuations of Level B are in effect today. 22 shelters are open and for locations you can go to // for this information.

If you are not certain of your flood zone, this information can also be located on Manatee County website at //

Hurricane Irma is a very powerful and dangerous hurricane and we all need to take this storm seriously. Residents need to determine now on whether they are safe at home and if not, go to one of designated shelters.

Beginning Sunday, September 10, in the morning hours our weather will gradually worsen and by the afternoon Manatee County will begin feeling tropical force winds and by mid-evening hurricane force winds will begin. Don’t wait until the last minute, make your decision now about staying home or going to a shelter.

Tomorrow when these wind and rain conditions begin stay off the streets and do not drive around in your car. A majority of the accidents occur because residents are curious and want to drive to see the storm effects on their community, please do not and never drive into standing water, it may be deeper than you think.

Before Hurricane Irma arrives, finish preparing your house by bringing inside any outside furniture, LPG BBQ grill, or any loose items as these items could be picked up in the wind and cause damage to your house or your neighbor’s house.

This afternoon we will put out another message pertaining to Safety if and when we lose electrical power.

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District is bringing in all off duty personnel, staffing additional emergency apparatus and our Emergency Operations Center will be operating around the clock until this storm passes.

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