On March 4th at 2236 hours, Southern Manatee Fire Rescue District was dispatched to a report of structure fire. When our first Engine arrived on scene they reported a “Working Fire” in a residential home. When our personnel arrived on scene they found two Manatee County Sheriff Deputies already on scene. Deputy Peter Papas was first on scene and actually was in the area before the call came in to us a structure fire, it first came in as a burglar alarm, and law enforcement was dispatched, however immediately after this dispatch, the 9-1-1 center received multiple calls reporting a working fire.

Deputy Papas arrived on scene first and actually helped the owner, Mrs. Nole, by getting her out of her house. Even though Mrs. Nole working smoke alarms awoke her, she did not get out of the house right away, instead she was trying to locate her two dogs. Deputy Papas took Mrs. Nole outside and went back in to get her two dogs, which he did locate and successfully brought them out to her. While all of this was going on, another Deputy arrived on scene, Deputy Krystal Carpenter immediately saw that the fire was impinging upon the house next door, so Deputy Carpenter grabbed a garden hose and kept the house next door from catching on fire by spraying water on this house.

Both Deputies did an outstanding job and without a doubt Deputy Papas saved the life of Mrs. Nole by getting her outside and keeping her from going back in to get her dogs. We have seen to many times where the owners of pets go back in and never come back out due to being overcome by the fire. Not only did he save her Mrs. Nole’s life but also her two dogs. This fire was located on the “Bravo” side of the house in which flames had already vented through the windows and began impinging on the house next door. The quick action by Deputy Carpenter prevented the house next door from catching on fire by using the garden hose and keeping the “Delta” side of the exposure house from catching fire.

Deputy Papas and Deputy Carpenter were recognized for their Heroic actions at our April 19th Fire Commission meeting and were both presented Certificates of Appreciation.

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